When I was preparing to leave school in 1976 the careers advisor at our High School asked me “what is your favourite subject”? My reply “geography”. From there she advised me to look into being a travel consultant, little did I know how much effect she would have on my life. The world of travel has fascinated me all my life and I am still excited to see and learn about different cultures, wildlife, geography and food. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities I have had over my life time in the travel industry to date and now the next chapter of my life is beginning

I have had a passion and love of Africa since my first encounter back in 1997 and have personally travelled through Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mauritius including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro & shark cage diving in South Africa.

In February 2016 Jamie my husband and I flew out to Zambia to commence our roles working in a remote safari camp for a year. We have left behind our cherished family including our 3 gorgeous grandchildren, many friends and our amazing neighbours in Ingleside.

I am writing this sitting on the Qantas aircraft flying from Sydney to Johannesburg about to start the next chapter of our lives. This journey in particular is a team effort “Team Buckley” Jamie and Wendy Buckley. You are invited to join us on this journey via our blog www.powerofthepositive/zambia.

Africa entered my soul, it became my passion, and it’s our turn to give back.


In general, a business starts out with one energised and goal driven person who has worked hard in their industry and would now like to be their own boss. It may be driven by friends and family, an opportunity knocks on your door through your current owner or you may want financial independence and to take control of your future. It covers all industries and jobs from a stay at home Mum who opens her first child care centre through to being on the world stage like David Attenborough.

Working in the Northshore suburb of Mosman for 30 years at Travel Specialists Mosman & Travel with Kidz gave me the opportunity to move from part-time consultant, full time travel consultant, Manager through to Managing Director. Being a travel agency it has been impacted greatly over the years by both local and global issues including pilot strikes, GFC, extreme weather conditions, terrorism and outbreaks of disease e.g. bird flu & the sars virus.

Based on my years of work in the travel industry my passion is to share my experiences and skills and assist people to understand the impacts of paying big bucks for SEO, the need to have monthly P&L’s, how and where to market and advertise, analyse your opposition, company data base management, the importance of a business profile including logo, implement procedures and governing regulations and laws, value yourself as the owner, learn to have time off and sleep at night.

You are experienced in your business and love your industry. Stress is when we are not in control.