Meet the Temminck ground Pangolin

Today I took Cathy and Carlos who are from Los Angeles on a CSL Base tour. Cathy has been in childcare for the past 10 years and when she returns from her Africa trip is commencing a 2 year degree in Vet Assistant. I thought Cathy and her Dad would benefit from a visit to the Anti Poaching base – Conservation South Luangwa (CSL). Well what a sensational CSL Base tour this turned out to be. When we arrived Rachel the boss and the vet were on the floor in the Vet clinic with a group of staff and scouts hovering. Turns out a Pangolin had just been handed in. What sensational timing for our guests and ME! The pangolin is reported to be the most trafficked animal in the world and global populations are under threat and this lucky one had been confiscated from dealers in Sinda, way down south in Zambia.
Pangolin 4 CSL 25 July 2017
The vet checked him over and he was released into the SLNP. The pangolin mate only once a year, have only one baby , are covered in keratin scales and are on the critically endangered list. I checked with a number of our guides including Yotam, Allan and Malama back in camp who have been guiding in the park for over 17 years and they have never seen a pangolin. Wow another great days work in the life of the CSL team and what a truly once in a lifetime experience for me.


  1. Lauren Hammacher says:

    What a great activity to share with guests and sounds like an awesome surprise. I never knew they were so endangered and trafficked.

    • Wendy Buckley says:

      These unique and stunning animals are such a gift to this planet and we need to support CSL in the protection of them. It may turn out to be the highlight of our 2 years in Zambia though there as so many on a daily basis I am sure it will be impossible to decide.

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