Liberating – freedom from restraint

I have been committed to learning as much as I can while here in Zambia. When you live in a first world country in a city environment there are so many restraints and so much negative press, loud music, advertisements on the road ways, commitments with family and friends (which I do love of course and miss) , traffic grrrr, housekeeping and shopping though here I have taken the time out to learn. Not only do we have to remember 38 guests names a night we have over 80 staff and the local valley residents. We meet people from all over the world and are continually learning new things everyday. I started a list of interesting words, phrases or even just something I learnt from meeting people who reside or originate from countries all over the world, Podcasts, streaming BBC every afternoon between shifts and reading a diverse range of books. I added to this list when I wanted to refer back to them in years to come.

Empowering people empowering you
Don’t allow a negative experience to effect your day
While money makes our life comfortable, it doesn’t make it rich. It’s the relationships we have with people that give meaning and richness to our lives.
Dare to dream , organise to deliver, work out what you are bad at and employ them
Every new challenge is a lesson
Everyday do a fun thing
Honouring our part of the contract
Interference and influence
Some people just see the world differently to you
USAID United States Agency for International Development they do so much for Zambia!
Morally incumbent
Challenge ideas
Freedom of speech
rhetoric – learnt this one today! August 10, 2017…I love learning
Powerful and penetrated
Liberating – this is one of favourite words as it explains our Zambia perfectly
telomeres cells divide reproduce adds 9 years expectancy short cellular aging
Hananiah Prophet of God forgiveness
Medical Intervention
Passion and ability
We made a difference
Breath taking
spectacular of movement and colour
purity of nature and wildlife
touch nature, rural, village, philanthropic, lack of health

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