Your life is similar to a book with many chapters. The first 3 years of your childhood will have more influence on you than you will consciously appreciate and respect throughout your life. From those early years of being nurtured, soothed, drinking, eating solids through to walking, talking, reading, singing, sadness, dancing, crying, sickness, falling in love, laughing and finally death these are all chapters of your life. Some chapters you have a lot of control and others you have no control. What you are able to control is dreaming of the future though learning the benefits of living in the now. The below beliefs and values are based on our chapters of the book to date:

Your brain is a fascinating and an extremely complicated engine and governs every living moment of your life. Use it or lose it.

I am sincerely grateful to Michael H. Moskowitz, MD for sharing his knowledge, wisdom, experience and time. He taught me you can re-train your brain at any age. www.neuroplastix.com/
  • Be graceful and grateful
  • Respect the planet, humans and all animals’ even ants
  • You create an aura of how you want people to see you
  • Listen, listen and listen, let people speak and respect their opinion
  • Education is power, you are never too old to learn and make changes.
  • Embrace change
  • Set goals, have tangible pictures of them everywhere in your life, have deadlines, work hard and be rewarded
  • Respect your body, you only have one
  • You are what you eat and drink
  • Exercise, exercise and exercise
  • Be proud of your achievements
  • Learn to meditate, yes its hard though return on your investment is immense
  • Be proud of your self
  • Ask for help and make changes, use deadlines to implement
  • Read lots, listen to people and learn from the experts
  • Learn from your mistakes they are the best lessons in life
  • Be kind to strangers
  • Laugh, swim, love
  • Make the first thought of each day a good one
  • Surround yourself with your favourite smells, music, images, thoughts and memories