The first moment I spotted an African Fish Eagle was at sunset on the Chobe River where it borders Botswana and Namibia back in 2007. The large bird was sitting silently on a high dead tree hunting for its dinner in the river.

From that moment onwards I have been in total admiration of its striking appearance, power and beautiful musical call.

It was the same year I registered my business name for the long term future Power of the Positive and immediately knew the African Fish Eagle would be the brand image.

After I sold my travel agency in Mosman in 2015 the time had come for me to build my personal corporate brand and purpose for Power of the Positive. Simply; Power of the Positive purpose is to assist individuals and businesses build strength and freedom through experience and encouragement.

Unknown to me until I became a local resident in Mfuwe this eagle is the Zambian National bird, so when I am feeling tired from an early shift or sitting having lunch in camp with Jamie I am reminded by our stunning fish eagles flying over and calling how lucky we both are to be living and working at Flatdogs Camp in Zambia. This is truly living in the now.

Now 9 years on from my first encounter with the African fish eagle Jamie and I are working in Zambia as Camp Managers at Flatdogs located on the South Luangwa River. Our home (Palazzo Flatdogs) is directly across the river from a pair of African Fish Eagles so from the first peak of sun in the morning to the last light in camp our stunning couple of African Fish Eagles fly over and call.