Being a worst case scenario type of person when Jamie and I agreed we would apply for work in a remote bush camp in Africa I wanted to prepare for as I say “worse case situations”. This sounds negative though I do like to take responsibility for myself and people around me and felt this was crucial for us to move to Africa.

After seeking advice from my cherished African friends in the industry who have personally worked or own bush camps in Africa we had a list of three.

First Aid and Trauma Course for remote locations, Game Lodge Management Course and a four wheel drive course all of which Jamie and I competed together in late 2015.

As it turns out all three courses were not only highly educational and empowering as adults they have given us great life skills as humans including the role of being grandparents to our gorgeous Emily, Kaylah and Hugh.

The test…..this week on our day off Jamie and I went out on afternoon safari with Geoffrey our guide, Albert our spotter and 4 fun camp guests. After the all-important sundowners where you have a glass of wine and watch the African sunset into the distance we set off to find the nocturnal animals in the area with the assistance of Albert (Will Smith) as spotter.

Sun downers in Zambia

Sun downers in Zambia

It had rained very heavy the night before and unfortunately a section of the dirt road had become deep mud. As you can see our 4×4 became bogged.
Jamie and I being responsible managers ensured the guests were safe and Geoffrey and Albert set about getting us out of the mud. It was incredible to feel I assisted the experienced safari guides eventually drive out of the bog in the dark.
Bogged in the dark
We both understood the situation and restrictions and Jamie and I were big on theory though small on personal driving experience we did contribute to a achieving a great outcome….Geoffrey drove the 4×4 out YEH! Actually Jamie claims to fame it was his last push that did it….too many carbs!
Stuck in the mud

As for the game lodge management course, we both use sections of this course daily around the camp and hope to never have to use the first aid course though feel better we have the knowledge. They did look good on our work permit applications with the Zambian Government.
Love to all my followers and I appreciate all your comments, if there is anything you would like to know just drop a comment and I will reply. Off to work now