Due to my birthday falling on a Friday this year and our day off is Thursday each week I came up with a great plan to officially celebrate my birthday on the Thursday.
To start we had a sleep in and went to the restaurant area to use the WIFI so I could Facetime our grandkids and kids. It was the most perfect present I could have had watching Hugh (9 mths old now) playing and laughing at the IPhone and hearing sweet Emily’s voice say “Happy Birthday Nanna”.

Feeling very loved I went to the gym and Jamie relaxed around the camp and listened to his IPod, he gets away with not exercising these days as he has lost so much weight due to portion control of meals from the kitchen and being out all day physically working with the maintenance boys.
We went for lunch at a nearby camp and Jamie dropped me at the Bush Spa located 10 minutes from our camp in the National Park. As Jamie and I walked into the Spa reception area Jamie launched himself across the coffee table at this big smiling guy like he knew him and said “Hi Ainsley imagine meeting you here”. Turns out it was Ainsley Harriott the famous chef and TV personality from the UK on holidays in Zambia.
Birthday girl & Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley is as hot and as funny as he is on TV and we had a great laugh. As I went to go for my treatment he grabbed me and said “let’s take a photo for your birthday”.
After the spa treatment Jamie surprised me by organising a safari guide Bryon and safari vehicle to take us into the park for Sundowners. Driving along one the dirt roads we pass another safari vehicle and hear this “That’s my Aussie friends lets all sing Happy Birthday to Wendy” it was Ainsley and friends.

My day off was perfect and I woke on the official birthday to masses of messages from all my loving family and friends. From then on the day was busy though word did spread and guests and staff all spoilt me and my great boss’s Jess and Ade gave me a present they had bought me when they were holidaying last week in the South of France.

One of the best birthdays ever, thank you to Jamie, my family, friends and everyone at Flatdogs for making it so special.