Meet Dilla and Poppy the camp dogs, as you can see they have a really tough life at Flatdogs well not really! The dogs are Jess and Ade’s babies and have grown up living with pukus, baboons, monkeys, elephants, bush bucks, giraffe, guests and the staff of Flatdogs. They have a really busy life in camp up early and driven to work with Jess and Poppy always accompanies Ade on his daily wanderings around camp. They laze the around office and have their designated sleeping spots with Dilla under Jess’s desk and helps out with reservations and Poppy protects the printers.

They also help out while Jess, Ade and Paolo enjoy their lunch break in the garden by barking at the baboons and monkeys who are keen to steal their lunch. Having a sweet tooth they very much enjoy afternoon tea with guests, sorry no chocolate girls! Both of them love to share a beer with Jess and Ade though always portion controlled.

Be careful when driving around the car park as the girls are often found baking in the sun and we always know when Anna from Chipembele visits as Dilla barks her head off at poor Anna.

Descended from the Congolese hunting dog they were born in Mfuwe and about 10 and 11 years old as of August 2017.

Part of the Flatdogs team that guests love to meet.