Over the past 2 years Feb 28, 2016 through to January 17 2018 of working and living in Zambia the most asked 2 questions from our guests and friends of Jamie and I have been “So how did you end up working in this amazing camp and Why Zambia?”

There are a number of reasons though top of list are:

• Our children Jess and Tim have grown up, married and have their own children
• Wendy had worked and operated a travel agency in Mosman for 30 years straight and wanted a change from the stress of owning a business which is regularly effected by global events
• We had a passion and love of Africa and wanted to give back and immerse ourselves in something completely different in Africa
• Back in 2007 Jamie and Wendy travelled to Zambia and fell in love with the Zambian people, the South Luangwa National Park and the Lower Zambezi National Park
• Wendy had stayed and inspected literally 100’s of camps and lodges throughout Africa and felt Zambia was a true bush experience

So we sold the Mosman travel agency, rented our beautiful home in Sydney, up skilled with relevant courses and said good bye to our family and friends.

We both had expectations of working at Flatdogs and living in Mfuwe though very soon on from arriving it became obvious to us that this was one truly magical place on earth. The experience has far exceeded both our expectations and here are some of the reasons that have contributed:

• Access to exercise, Wendy made friends with Peter at Track and Trails located
2 k’s from the camp and was able for free to use this great little gym along with being able to sprint and run in the village amongst the friendly and caring community.

• The magical wildlife in the beautiful South Luangwa NP,the elephants crossing the Luangwa River and the family of Fish Eagles that live out side our home and fly over the camp all day

• Our beautiful home Palazzo Flatdogs, we are blessed as camp managers to have a home with such a beautiful karma that we both love to come home to at the end of the working day and nights.

• Saving money, other than having to pay outrageous amounts of money for our air tickets home to Australia twice a year we have been able to save. Something that is near impossible in Sydney

• Finding out you don’t need much in life!

• You learn the meaning of friends

• Our children, their partners and our grandchildren have missed us terribly though they have given us endless support and love. It has made us a deeply caring and loving united family for life.

• Meeting and spending time with people from all over the world, many who we will see in the future

• Our camp swimming pool, it is like being in your own private resort though we live here

• Access to local seasonal fresh vegetables and the Flatdogs varied and high standard menu. A special thanks to our Angel Rosie from the restaurant who serves us breakfast in the garden on our day off

• Appreciating and relating to fellow Aussies

• Extending our careers into hospitality and absolutely loving it thanks to Ade our boss for giving us the opportunity, trust and teaching us both sooooo much.

Where it all began Mchenja Bush Camp, South Luangwa National Park May 2007. To celebrate our 2 year stay in the South Luangwa we went back to Mchenja Camp for a two night stay. Turns out we both wore the same shorts to work at Flatdogs that we wore back in 2007 and caught up with our guide from back in 2007 Levi.

We did a dress up at the afternoon tea with guests at Mchenja Camp to celebrate and reflect.