I help out with the Flatdogs Facebook posting and today April 5, 2017 I posted the following.

What’s happening at Flatdogs today? Morning game drive guests were treated to seeing a male leopard hunting and 2 lion cubs playing along with a lot of giraffes , warthogs and ellie’s to name a few. Back in camp we had 5 elephants do a walk by of tent 11 to tent 1 and onto the chalets, Harold is escorting 2 guests on our school and village tour, 2 guests are being spoilt at the Bush Spa, our family are swimming in the pool ,the resident fish eagles are singing to each other and as quoted by Linus “the butternut ravioli special of the day was delicious ” Wish you were here ?

this post received over 130 comments of which they unanimously voted that yes they wanted to be here at Flatdogs and reached over 3500 people. I would say a pretty good result! I love promoting the camp and so proud to work here.