Jamie and I flew out of Sydney June 12, 2016 heading back to work at Flatdogs with Jenny and Alyson my sisters on board. It was so sad to leave our family and friends though having Jenny and Al with us made it a bit easier. Emily (our deeply caring granddaughter )gave us these beautiful cards when we said good bye to us Thank you Emily Grace my gift to me from your Mummy Jess).
Emily's beautiful card

Love you Emily xx

We stayed at the D’Oreale Grande at J’burg airport and we flew onto Mfuew the next day. Jen and Al went onto Vic Falls for 3 nights before heading to us giving Jamie and I a few days to settle back into work. First day in camp I asked Alyson what she wanted most out of the trip to our camp her reply “to see animals” well there was no shortage of them over the next 6 days. Al & Jen went out on morning and afternoon safari’s everyday and had some of the best game viewing ever including heaps of lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, wart hogs, honey badgers, masses of beautiful birds and Alyson did a walking safari with Malama and Elasto our Scout.

Sister's forever & Jamie

Sister’s forever & Jamie

Jen and Al soon agreed with us that Charles makes the best bread in the world and Jen went for the pancakes anytime of the day! Jamie and I loved having them for dinner out our house for a pig out on pizza, key lime pie, wine followed by chocolates & and a cup of tea all round.
Hugh Hammacher's grandparents

The traditional Sundowners in Zambia were very special sitting on the river with my sisters and I cant thank you both enough for coming. I cried my eyes out to the point of sobbing the day they left (thank Jess and Jamie for the cuddles) though on the same flight they flew out on in came Jo and Graham Matthews for 5 nights from Dubai so on goes the party!! Jo and Graham are parents of gorgeous Lauren married to our son Tim and mother of Hugh (pictured below) our gorgeous grandson who turns 1 year August 27, 2016.
We had the best time ever and so grateful they came to visit and yes they seem to have had a fabulous holiday at Flatdogs.