Welcome to Flatdogs camp Zambia we’ve been here 6 days and so happy, the focus for Jamie and I like any new job is for us to look, listen and learn which is exactly what we are doing . The camp is closed from 15 Jan to 15 March so this time of year the staff who are very long term employees are coming back into clean the accommodation, cut back the vegetation the wildlife have not eaten, order the supplies, renovate and maintain and more due to the location being similar to Darwin’s wet season.

It was very hard leaving our family friends and neighbours though now we are here the upsides of no Spit Bridge traffic , shopping at Coles etc are great . I finished work in the office tonight and walked back to our house about 500 metres via the river front watching hippos in the river and went down to the bank with Jamie and a glass of wine to relax .

Sunday (yesterday) Wendy hunted down a gym at a camp nearby (Jamie was hopeful there were no gyms here) , lunch at another camp on the river, vege shopping in the markets and Jamie had a hair cut for 50 cents .

The sky at night is filled with 1000’s of stars and when you turn off the lights it’s black .

Kennedy our housekeeper is amazing and we feel very spoilt – sooo we are feeling pretty great ,

The wifi is limited so our posts are hit and miss though tomorrow I am taking 4 female staff to a local event to celebrate Women’s International Day.

I would love to post more  photos though very hard with our wifi I’m trying hard

Lots of love Wendy and Jamie