Journey of life
Our experiences over the past 2 years (1 Mar 2016 – 17 Jan 2018) in Zambia have been quite magical and majestic for both Jamie and I. We have immersed ourselves in the community of Mfuwe, loved hosting guests from all over the world and have learnt so much about the stunning wildlife in the South Luangwa. Combined it has opened our eyes to a massive range of cultures and human behaviour.

In todays world there is so much discrimination including sex, race, religion, food allergies, physical disabilities including people who suffer from chronic pain and judgement of personal wealth and education.

It is here we have developed a new out look on life and appreciation of how fragile the world is today and into the future. I took this video between tent 2 and 3 December 6 while checking tents prior to guests arriving in camp. Click here Elephants sleeping in camp to view two of the most majestic animals on the planet who regularly laid down in our camp to sleep. It was taken December when the South Luangwa Valley is an ocean of green and the Luangwa River is filling fast due to the rains.

These 5 tonne majestic male elephants made us appreciate how lucky we are and a reminder of the simple things in life. (This is a messy message though one I just had to write for us to remember the moment).

Wendy and Jamie