We are blessed in the South Luangwa by not only our sensational wildlife though we also have a number of great business’s that employ and train the local people.

Imagine buying a beautiful piece of jewellery and support anti poaching in the South Luangwa Park. I met Kate Wilson in camp after 3 weeks in the Valley. She is a bubbly, gorgeous, energised young Mum of Ava and Sienna and married to Dave the MD of Norman Carr Safaris. Kate told me a lot about her business venture Mulberry Mongoose and invited me out to the work shop to view the jewellery. On our day off we drove out to meet Kate and her ladies who make the jewellery and ended up buying half the stock. It absolutely is gorgeous jewellery and being a lover of jewellery it worked perfectly for my work clothes and life around the valley.

Over the coming months Kate and I became great friends and she has been my life line of surviving in the valley without my family and friends. She has lived in the valley for 10 years and truly is an inspirational woman who I have the greatest admiration for between juggling her personal life and business life – us girls know how hard some days are with the mother guilt.

After 7 months a had to have this gorgeous jewellery distributed in Australia and introduced Kate to Giuliani who imports and distributes gorgeous causal Italian clothing from Sorrento. They absolutely hit it off and now have a formal business relationship and Mulberry Mongoose is being distributed throughout Australia via Giuliani and Importante.

I love wearing my MM jewellery, our guests love the story and jewellery knowing they are supporting the anti poaching teams and I have Kate a great friend to me.

The Moral of The Story
Our jewellery is inspired by life in the Zambian bush. So it’s only fitting that with every piece of jewellery sold we make a donation to anti-poaching patrols to help remove the snare wire traps that kill and injure many of the area’s iconic wildlife.

By buying our accessories, you’re helping raise thousands of dollars for this vital work to save elephants, big cats and antelope.

Our most celebrated collection mixes snare wire collected by anti-poaching patrols with semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls and hand carved wooden beads. Snare wire is often made from steel and hard to work—many men can’t do it. But our Grace, a five foot tall mother of one, has learned to coil and flatten it to create beauty from brutality.

To learn more about our snare wire partnership, visit Conservation South Luangwa (CSL)