Thanks to Donna from Los Angeles who stayed in Mfuwe for 3 months with her partner David we now has a trained manicure, pedicure and massage local lady Esther. Donna is a highly experienced and qualified beautician and started “Girl Power” and trained our Esther.

Jamie loves Esther and every fortnight Jamie drops me at the gym and goes to Marula Lodge where Esther is set up under a big tree to do massages and pedi’s. After my work out I find him having his head massaged relaxing with a cold beer – Jamie heaven!

I wanted to help Esther meet some of the Valley girls to grow her business and thought it was a great opportunity for me to host some of the local ex-pat girls at Palazzo Flatdogs (our home). It was a great success and have had two pampering nights to date. The latest one we had the trunk of an elephant come through our kitchen window trying to steal left overs from dinner. Thanks to Kate, Molly, Gayle, Zillah and Mindy for joining the fun!

Thanks Donna for your friendship and Girl Power

Jamie being pampered by Esther at home

Massage at Treehouse with an unexpected visitor