Meet Chabota, she is the daughter of Harold Shumbwamuntu Flatdogs Camp Human Resource, Hospitality & Camp; Community Manager who not only secured our Zambian working permits for us back in December 2015 though both Jamie and I work very closely with Harold on a daily basis (& helps us fit in with the local Mfuwe staff). Harold has 4 children and the very proud father of his baby girl Chabota. How cute is she?! I think being the fourth born she maybe a little spoilt and from the picture one very happy little girl. Harold and his family live in the Village of Mfuwe and he has worked at Flatdogs for 10 years. He is now a Director of Flatdogs Camp and a has big responsibility managing all 76 staff. Thank you Harold for all your support of Jamie and I and sharing your gorgeous baby girl with us.

Meet Hugh, he is the son of Tim and Lauren and third grandchild to Jamie & I. Hugh lives in Balmain (Sydney) and obviously the cutest baby boy ever coming from his non-biased Nanna. Lauren started back at work this week 3 days a week and Tim is on a roster of bathing, feeding and all catch the bus to work from Balmain to the city on work days.

Chabota was born 19 August 2015 and Hugh Hammacher was born 27 August so just 10 days apart though live worlds apart.
To make up for missing our grandchildren Emily, Kaylah & Hugh Nanna Wendy offers to cuddle and play with all the little guests of Flatdogs. Thanks Amy & Beto from Lilongwe (Malawi) who stayed with us last weekend for all the cuddles of baby Ethan 4 months and Nathanael 3 years. and thanks Nathanael for being a champ on my Village Visit!