We expected highs and lows on this journey of living away from Australia and working and living in Zambia. The highs far outweigh the lows so here is a snap shot of our life from March 1 till April 1, 2016 in camp.

Fresh drinking water from the tap. Flatdogs Camp is blessed to have access to an endless supply of clean and safe drinking water via a bore hole and pump.

Communication with our family and friends in Australia. Impossible and frustrating to say the least. It’s cheap in Zambia though due to high usage and network the data speed and coverage is terrible and it is almost impossible to Facetime, Skype and don’t even think about downloading a movie.

Home sweet home, our 2 bedroom home is so comfortable and we love waking up to the monkeys jumping on our tin roof. We have house keepers and night watchman. Heaven!

Hazards, there is risk of catching malaria and we are in sun in the day. We both wear sunscreen and mosquito repellent and due to our long term stay not able to take malaria protection.

Shopping, I hate food shopping and we now have all our meals at the restaurant or take away on time off. Are you jealous? Its fabulous variety and high quality.

Clothing, make up, hair and jewellery. So simple here. We wear a uniform generally in the day with our work boots for safety and every night I frock up for the evening shift which the guests love and Jamie shorts and a nice shirt. Almost no jewellery or make up.

Long hours, learning so much, meeting 100’s of people from all over the world. We love it and it is exceeding our expectations.

Time off from work, we safari in the park, watch elephants munching around our house, gym or run, swim in the pool, massage, phone home, mediation, sundowners ,afternoon sleeps, blog posts, talk about work together, check emails and say wow this is great life experience for both of us. Jamie and Wendy are very happy.

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

Easter in camp, Miss Wendy held an Easter egg hunt for the kids in house. We used painted rocks as the monkeys would have stolen the chocolate ones. I organised egg and spoon races and a colouring in competition, this little boy had so much fun he fell asleep while he was colouring in. So cute!