The past 6 days the staff of Flatdogs Camp has been working absolutely flat out ready for opening this Tuesday Mar 15. Jamie has been working with the boys on installing shower boards in tents, bracing tent roofs, painting the camp signs, fixing floor boards in walkways, pulling up old decking and replacing…he has learnt from the inside out about maintenance and running of the camp.
Mamma Wendy has been working with Jessie head of housekeeping fitting out the tents and chalets, the gardeners who are grooming the walkways and views from the tents, washed dishes in the kitchen to chat with the Chef’s, continual walk arounds of the camp inspecting and delegating maintenance, learning the reservations system with Paolo and setting up her computer….and continuing to listen and learn!
One of the biggest surprises for us is how much a great social life there is in “The Valley”. So many people like us have moved to the Valley to live and work in the camps, do guiding, run the Tribal Textile shop, run a variety of small business, marketing people to name a few. We had a get together to meet new faces across the road at Croc Valley Camp on Friday night and had so much fun.

I’ve discovered a big market for “nail polish remover” in the Valley, you cannot buy it anywhere and I arrived with my city slicker red nail polish on which now looks disgusting and I am embarrassed. Seems trivial though I hate chipped nail polish grrrr….

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am off now to go running and Jamie has borrowed our boss’s push bike to ride.