I have a fitness routine in Mfuwe of gym/run and bike ride. Gym work out is at a near by lodge Track & Trails and the owner Pete has set a small gym (as below) for guests and he is a gym junky and allows me to visit anytime. Due to Mfuwe having flat roads and almost no traffic I bought a mountain bike and I am loving this new form of exercise. I was always to scarred to ride in Sydney due to traffic and too many hills around Ingleside where we lived. The other is my running which I have always loved and cannot survive without. It is where I solve all the worlds and my problems and come back after a run with a clear head. Due to the wildlife being around alot more over the dry season June/July/Aug/Sept I now drive to the Mfuwe Grammar School and run around the Football field on a dirt track.

So in summary I run around the football field and attract masses of kids who love to run with me. We have races, cuddles and a lot of laughing and they love it when I give the girls a head start! We vary our races with sprints up and down the field and the boys always beat me.

The gym..well as you can see below this is my new gym buddy who can out bench press me and often doesn’t like to share the equipment. He has two enormous front teeth (those long white tusks) which he points at me to get his own way.

Again due to the wildlife I am not allowed to ride out of our camp up to the main road and have to put the bike in our 4×4 and drive into town. I park and sweet talk any male who is nearby to help me pass it out of the truck. I then set off and ride through Mufwe town. I’ve become very good at riding with one hand on the handle bars as I am continually meeting our staff and now have many friends in the villages. A lot of waving, racing me and laughing along the way. I currently ride about 9 k’s and have a goal to ride return to the airport (about 60 k’s) and given myself 4 months to train.
I love my weekly schedule and thank all my friends be it human and wildlife.