I flew back to Australia on Emirates for a 2 week holiday and to meet our forth born grandchild Maddison May Hart born 27 April, 2017. I was travelling alone on this trip due to Jamie having used his holiday leave and Emirates ticket back in April for the sad passing of him Mum Marjorie. It was very weird taking off in Mfuwe heading home without Jamie by my side though this Zambia experience is proving to not only up skill us in an employment capacity though has certainly empowered both Jamie and I as individuals.

First stop was Brisbane airport after 30 hours of travelling where I was soon flying down the motorway heading to Jess’s family home to meet Maddi May. yes she is adorable and it was a massive relief to be with my baby girl Jess after giving birth. I picked up Emily and Kaylah at school and played all afternoon with the girls.

In summary
bottle washing, changing nappies, cuddles, laughs, cooking, hanging out masses of baby clothes on the washing line, more laughing with Emily and Kaylah. All the most simple and cherished things in my life.

After 6 nights with the Hart family the moment came to say good bye to Jess, the Uber arrived at their home and Jess and I started absolutely bawling our eyes out. It was the saddest day and Jess was so upset and I felt terrible.

Off to Sydney I went and landed in Sydney with an Uber to Balmain which reminded me how bad Sydney traffic is! I made a spinach pie for dinner and waited excitedly for the arrival of Hugh now 20 months old with Tim and Lauren to come home from work.The front door opened and that gorgeous smiling face of Hugh “NANNA”. Lots of cuddles, reading of books, playing ball, eating breakfast at my favourite café The Hunter with Hugh by my side.

I spent time with Roger and Fiona and a big lunch with Mum and Dad and family. I collected more medications and bits from Coles and bought gifts for some our staff including Lydia a wrap dress.

The moment arrived when I had to say good bye to Hugh Lauren and Tim and off to the airport to face the 30 hours of travelling back to Mfuwe. I was crying when I left though I know we will return to Australia in January 2018.

At the airport I spoilt myself with a glass of Pinot Gris and Red Rock chilli chips while looking at my Emirates A380. Thanks Emirates for loving me and allocating seat A11 my favourite number and the flighs all went smoothly.

Thank you all to my wonderful family for loving me so much and another great trip back to Oz. Till next time!!