Nothing new though they are a life saver. I am committed to learning something new everyday during our time in Zambia and the pod casts are truly amazing. ABC, Dr Karl, Health one, Food one and the ultimate one of all “Gardening Australia”

They stop the boredom of running and going to my tiny gym alone. They educate me on all topics of the entire world. Some that I really cherish and learnt so much from:

War on Waste
Conversations with Richard Fidler
Dr Karl on Triple J
Gardening Australia TV show shown as a podcast
Dear Science
Health Report

Some of the topics – knee and hip operations, scorpions, running is good for you!! , are dog poo bags that you flush down the toilet good for the environment? and NO they are not! I love the Health Report the most as they are so current and I relate to them so much.

4 out of 6 are produced by the ABC Australia so it’s good to see our taxes are producing something we directly love and learn from and they are an absolute life saver while living in this remote part of the world.

We also stream live ABC in the mornings for 20 minutes before work and 5-6pm at night BBC.

Thank goodness for the WIFI!

My strong gym buddy at Fitness First Mfuwe