What does Wendy wear to work? I am a girly girl and love wearing jewellery, dresses and sandals and making an effort with my hair and makeup though working in a bush camp that requires me to walk up to 15 k’s a day around the camp inspecting tents, meeting game drives, walking home to reduce vehicle movements around the camp and generally taking care of our guests it was essential I wear the Flatdogs uniform including hiking boots, safari shorts and the Flatdogs shirt for safety and efficency reasons. At night when we are on duty I am able to frock up and wear my sandals and dresses and have my hair out.

Weekends I am in the air conditioned office doing reservations and it is practicle to wear my sandals and a dress.

Over the past 8 months guests comment I have a “chic safari” look which I thought was a cute analogy of my style.

A huge thank you to Kate the owner of Mulberry Mongoose for creating the most wonderful jewellery for everyone in the world to share. I love wearing MM jewellery and it is made locally which supports the anti-poaching teams protecting the animals of South Luangwa.

and 10 months on looking pretty happy at Flatdogs