Harold our wonderful Harold, it is hard to put into words what Harold has contributed to Jamie and I over the past 18 months of our time here at Flatdogs. Harold is the head of HR which is a massive responsibility at Flatdogs with over 80 staff and just like back in first world Sydney it is a very stressful and complicated position.

Harold was responsible for obtaining our work permits in Lusaka back in December 2015 through the Zambian Immigration Department, a big challenge for Ade and Jess after they rejected my permit twice!

He is Flatdogs “Manager of Project Luangwa” who I have learnt so much from him and he has shared the responsibility with me of taking our guests on the Project Luangwa school and village visits.

We are both so grateful to Harold for so many reasons….he makes us laugh, he educates us on cultural differences, we share our shifts and responsibilities and over the past 18 months have worked out all our key strengths and weaknesses and now Jamie, Harold and I just get on with the job.

Jamie and I both are sincerely grateful and appreciative of all your patience, support and care you have shown us both.

So examples of Harold:
He jumps in the change room at Project Luangwa and entertains the guests and makes me laugh so much
He LOVES sugar!! for example eats an apple crumble for lunch, has 3 teaspoons of sugar in his tea, loves lemon cake (as shown), has been known to eat white boiled rice with a packet fruit yogurt on top for dinner.
He’s funny
He dressed up as Santa 25 Dec 2016 when our guest who was committed to dressing up became to ill on the day, I had to explain to him what a western Santa even did “Ho Ho Ho, pass out presents to the kids….” he laughed and wondered through the camp and played the part with ease. A big cultural difference and he just stepped up and walked through the camp with his bell ringing in a Santa suit sweating.

He loves to sing and listens to music endlessly
He loves his family!!!

Jamie and I will always be indebted to you Harold for your support and friendship – thank you Harold