After 6 weeks in Australia (17 Jan – 28 Feb 2017) filled with lots of laughs, chats and love, swims in the Pacific Ocean, sharing our adventures in Zambia, staying with friends and family and gorging ourselves on avocados the day finally arrived we flew back to our other home/work in Zambia.

It would seem that we became gym prostitutes – we stayed in so many different towns and cities that we would front up at the local gym for a workout to be offered a free 5 day pass, so we would give over our local address and off we went in to these great venues and work out with the locals. So if you receive some random offer in the mail from the local gym we may have used your home address as our residency.

It was a total shock once we were back in camp evening of March 1 to sleep in total blackness, silence except for the hippos and start work at 650am and finish at 430pm 6 days a week. We have rebuilt the entire camp with the 76 staff over the past 2 weeks ready for the first guest to tomorrow (today) Wednesday March 15 – and both us of are physically exhausted though it has been extremely rewarding.

On our only day off Sunday March 12 Jamie and I headed into the South Luangwa National Park in our trusty “123” 4×4 land cruiser and took ourselves on a safari for the morning. As you can see from the attached photos safari guide/spotter Wendy and driver Jamie had great success finding the local wildlife including Ginger our famous albino lion with his lady friend, Jamie testing his new binoculars and heaps of wart hogs, giraffes and more.

We have lived and worked through one year at Flatdogs Camp in Mfuwe, arrived at the end of the green season/camp rebuilding and opening /endless influx of tourists from all over the world/lived through the dry season with no rain and a lot of dust by the end/dodged elephants on a daily basis/learnt so many new skills and an appreciation of life and a lot of patience.

We want to sincerely thank you all for hosting us, feeding us and just being our cherished friends and family, it was a truly sensational holiday back in Oz!

Lots of love from Wendy and Jamie – (and sorry for the group email though we are quite pushed for time due to the camp opening though wanted to say hi and thanks) xxxx