General daily routine:

• Arrive work 645am
• Check 3 white boards – guest accommodation, safaris and activities
• Check emails
• Staff arrive 7am – manager goes through the movements of guests including guests on safari , who stayed in and arrivals/departures/bedding configuration/frames required.
• Write up your guest daily run sheet incl diet, check ins/outs/requests
• Write up white board in Harold/camp managers office with all arrivals/rate/ETA/tick box for checked
• Add village visits/general jobs for Camp Manager/Harold eg torches
• Meet with housekeeping ladies
• Count and record ablution hand towels (approx every 3 days)
• Assist with set up of Crocs/Treehouse when needed
• Check accommodation for arrivals as ready
• Ensure departure luggage collected and guests depart on time
• Throughout day be aware and at reception to greet and farewell guests, assist with check outs/ins
• Advise kitchen of diet needs
• Check on accommodation standards and guest arrival incl re-set safe, bedding correct, cots,
• Activity sheet for kids 3 -6 years & 7 – 12 years
• Arrive walk way 945am to meet guests back from safari, use your daily sheet for names, reconfirm activities, are they happy in accommodation include using the safe/meals
• Various times a day walk around with guests to discuss school & Project Luangwa and village visits, massages/treatments at Bush Spa, CSL Base and MM. Generally recommend stop at Tribal textiles on route to airport or book art safaris for kids and adults. Confirm activities on board and to guests
• Walk around camp including path ways/ablution blocks
• Check on stock for gift shop/clean/presentation
• Assist Lydia and Ade with kitchen and kitchen store room inventory
• Load guest information on spread sheet and send to Ade on a Monday
• Book Doctor visit when required needing condition, approx age of guest and advise US200.00 call out.
• Drive food to Treehouse and Crocs Nest when needed
• Ensure housekeeping standard is kept very high, report damages to Jess and Lydia including accommodation, public areas and swimming pool
• Make a plan for late arrivals
• When guests departing camp confirm key has been returned and safe empty

EBB – Early bird breakfast shift:

• Arrive at 515am
• Check safari white board
• Proceed to restaurant
• Check on diet needs for breakfast and safari
• Host guests ensuring all guests are present, guides meet their guests, take toast orders, have night watchmen check on guests who don’t arrive
• Write up guest names and consumption of food in restaurant book

Evening shift:

• Arrive restaurant 7pm and take photo of safari white board
• Check on restaurant/bar/gift shop/lounge clean/ablution all tidy
• Chat to guests not on safari
• 8pm welcome guests back
• Ensure restaurant and kitchen staff efficiently deliver food as required to guests off safari
• Confirm early departures, they pay night prior, order take away sandwiches, confirm check out times and update reception
• Ensure guests have night watchman to escort to accommodation
• Update activity white board eg village visits/massages
• Radio reception of changes to safari activities
• Confirm wake up and pick up times for guests when needed
• Assist with serving and cleaning up of tables when required
• If doing EBB take picture of final list of AM safari’s noting diet/ADD/WS check if rifle needed
• Ensure camp and guests are safe

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