Launching Sundowners in Zambia

The suggestion of doing a blog came from our son Tim when we were making plans for our move to Zambia. I was discussing how we could communicate to all our friends and family over the time without it interrupting our busy work schedule. One issue I was most concerned about was trying to sound enthusiastic to each individual family member and friend who were bound to want updates on our experiences and life in general at Flatdogs.

The first job was to build and write the content of the Power of the Positive website to host the blog. This went quite well and I wrote the last of the content on the Qantas plane flying from Sydney to Johannesburg. Thanks to Simon at Microthin who gave me some lessons on the run on how to manage and write the blog.

When I first started doing the blogs on our one day off a week I found them a lot of fun and very much enjoyed loading the photos and writing the stories. As time went on though I discovered that when I came up with a story I would do a draft and go back to them when I had time.

The blogs have been truly a sensational place for our friends and family to read up on our journey and in particular when I was working on finding Prosper a sponsor for him to commence a 6 year university degree in medicine. We filmed Prosper talking about his goal to become a Doctor and loaded it on YouTube with a link on the blog potential sponsors could view.

I never imagined our time in Zambia would be so sensational and now we have our blogs to refer back to in the future and I have learned new skills for our life after Flatdogs.