Birds beautiful birds! The South Luangwa is famous for a variety of beautiful birds and thanks to a number of our generous guests including John Starr, Paul and Emma I am able to share some of their amazing photos with you.

Pictured are our year round Pied King Fisher, African Fish Eagle, White Fronted Bee-eater and the Lilac Breasted Roller though with the end of dry season approaching the Luangwa River is very low and the stunning Southern Carmine Bee-eater migrates here to build their nests and breed on the inside of the riverbank.

This time of year our local resident birds are busy breeding so our clever guides are kept on their toes naming the birds while on safari. Thanks Jonathan for helping me today name these birds.

After 9 months in the valley both Jamie and I appreciate greatly how stunning the birdlife is the area.

White fronted Bee-eater thank to John Starr

Mr & Mrs African Fish Eagles thanks to John Starr

White fronted Bee-eater thank to John Starr

Carmine Bee-eater thanks to Paul

Pied King Fisher thanks to John Starr