The peak season in the camp came to an end 31 October and Jamie and I flew home to Australia on our “love and laugh” holiday. We had not seen our friends and family for 5 months and Nanna was desperate to cuddle and play with our grandchildren. It is over 28 hours of travelling and costs a huge amount though worth every cent and effort. We stayed one week with Jess, Nick, Kaylah and Emily and then to Sydney to stay with Tim, Lauren and Hugh. It was a sensational trip!

Thanks to all our wonderful family and friends who joined us at the Exchange Hotel in Balmain 6 November. Jamie and I feel very blessed to have so many caring fun friends and family and we thank you all so much for making the effort to see us.

We stocked up on medical supplies with a trip to our supportive Dr Tsang and bought a few more clothes and pharmacy products.

On the wish list was a swim on the ocean, lunch at Coffee Brothers Mona Vale and spend time with our parents and kids/grandkids. Thank you all so much for your love and hosting us and see you again in January when the camp closes for 6 weeks.