Throughout our 10 month stay in Flatdogs camp we have made many friends with staff and there families. We have experienced many celebrations birthdays, deaths and births.

One of my buddies in the work shop is Chisoni Zulu who I spend most of my days with fixing all sorts of things around the camp like doors, windows, fly screens and all sorts of carpentry requirements.

He came to me 3 months ago and told me with great joy that his wife Caroline was pregnant with a girl their 3rd baby .The have a boy Andreas aged 4 and a girl Tamara aged 7. It is a tradition in their culture to honour a family friend and asked me to name his baby girl. So Wendy and I put on our thinking caps to find an appropriate name for a girl that was coming into this world in Mfuwe, Zambia and had a connection with us.


It was difficult as the name if it was a boy we could call him Jamie being a no brainer and Wendy tried selling Jamie-Lee after the actress though he did not like that name. We decided on Isabel Fiona as this was a beautiful name for a little girl and Fiona is my sisters name, fortunately both Caroline and Chisoni loved the name.

So little Isabel Fiona was born November xxxxx. Wendy and I both visited Chisoni’s home to meet his family and cuddle little Isabel. We gave her some gifts as well as a handmade teddy bear from my sister Fiona.

So in the future once again we have left a legacy of us in Mfuwe town with a beautiful girl called Isabel Fiona.