We love our home at Flatdogs, it has a beautiful karma with lots of windows, light, kitchen, big bathroom, bedroom downstairs and one upstairs, enormous walk in pantry for our mountain bikes (not much food) and a huge lounge & dining area. I went with a Moroccan theme to make it our home and still on the Africa Continent without having to the tribal look. We love spending time here and so does the wildlife as we have lots of elephants, monkeys, banded mongoose and giraffe visit regularly. We hear the sound of lions roaring often during the night and wake to the butt of an enormous elephant at our bedroom window.

I bought these Moroccan cushion covers, a throw, incense, tassels, fabric to recover our lounge and the pots are made locally in Mfuwe along with some thatching we borrowed form the compound.

Palazzo Flatdogs our home