Jamie and I are thrilled to confirm Prosper has successfully registered at the Mulungushi University September 2, 2017 Mulungushi University info, confirmed accommodation and meals at the university campus and has commenced his studies Monday September 11, 2017. He is embracing life at the university with 100% energy and is in regular contact with us since departing Mfuwe.

Pictured Prosper receiving his Mac lap top which was generously donated by Q Tech a Sydney based company owned by our good friends Max and Giuliana; last goodbyes to Prosper we felt like nervous parents sending their child to their first day of school and his very grateful brother Kelvin and his Mum and Dad at the Project Luangwa shop in Mfuwe.

The management of the sponsorship funds and Prosper on a personal level will be handled by the experienced Dave at Project Luangwa with all the accounts and regular progress reports on Prosper available.

As of 12 September we are still seeking contributions to the sponsorship of Prosper, the total cost per year is US5000.00 and currently confirmed US3200.00. If you are interested in support Prosper or know of any personal or business contacts who maybe in a position to contribute we would be grateful.

We are both very excited about his future and sincerely thank the sponsors for their trust and support giving this opportunity for Proper to complete a 6 year degree in medicine.

I came to Zambia to give back and so very proud of my Power of the Positive Mfuwe Day Secondary School 2016 grade 12 mentoring program I launched October 2016 and so very excited to support and follow Prosper on his 6 year journey at University.