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Our passion and love of Africa has grown continued to grow since our first encounter back in 1997. Over the years we have experienced Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mauritius including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and shark cage diving in South Africa.

In February 2016 Jamie my husband and I flew out to Zambia to commence our roles as Camp Managers at Flatdogs Camp a remote safari camp for the next 2 years. We left behind our cherished family including our 4 gorgeous grandchildren, many friends and our amazing neighbours in Ingleside.

So why do we want to say goodbye to our family, friends, our favourite cafes, the northern beaches lifestyle, sell up and resign from our long term jobs and rent our home?

The challenge, to learn new skills, to strengthen our relationship, to immerse ourselves in a different culture for an extended period, the physical challenge, view amazing African wildlife, immerse ourselves in a rural Zambian community, keep active mentally and physically, not sit in Sydney traffic, share our love of South and East Africa with the world and give back to a country that has given so much to us over many years.

Why Zambia?

We first visited Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Park back in 2007 and we loved the Zambian people and in particular the South Luangwa is truly an untouched stunning national park. It offers sensational safari drives and has 80 animals with good sightings of African wild dogs, leopards, lions, elephants and over 400 birds.

How did we prepare? The months leading up to the adventure Jamie and Wendy participated and passed in a number of courses including a four wheel drive course, Game Lodge Management course and a Trauma and First Aid course for remote places.

Team Buckley, Jamie and Wendy Buckley invite you to join us on this journey via our blog www.powerofthepositive/zambia

“Africa entered my soul, it became my passion and it’s our turn to give back”

Team Buckley Blog

Our beautiful Zambia – stats

Zambia Stats - The below statistics are from various resources as of July 2017 • The population of Zambia is 13,475,000 • The medium age of the population of Zambia is 17 years • 46% of Zambians are under the age of 14 years whilst just under 2.5% are over 65 years •...

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Meet the Temminck ground Pangolin

Today I took Cathy and Carlos who are from Los Angeles on a CSL Base tour. Cathy has been in childcare for the past 10 years and when she returns from her Africa trip is commencing a 2 year degree in Vet Assistant. I thought Cathy and her Dad would benefit from a...

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Flatdogs Camp great team effort

1. Ade MD and Finance controller 2. Jess Reservations and marketing Operations Manager 3. Paolo Director of Human Recourses, Hospitality and Community Projects 4. Harold Shuumbwamuntu 5. Lydia Camp Managers 6. Wendy and Jamie 1 March 2016 - 15 January 2018 Accountant:...

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Pod casts – a life saver

Nothing new though they are a life saver. I am committed to learning something new everyday during our time in Zambia and the pod casts are truly amazing. ABC, Dr Karl, Health one, Food one and the ultimate one of all "Gardening Australia" They stop the boredom of...

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A day in the life of Wendy at Flatdogs

General daily routine: • Arrive work 645am • Check 3 white boards – guest accommodation, safaris and activities • Check emails • Staff arrive 7am – manager goes through the movements of guests including guests on safari , who stayed in and arrivals/departures/bedding...

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Project Luangwa village visit

Another part of the camps village visit is to educate the guests on our Project Luangwa charity that was set up back in 2009. Below is a summary of my tour. Drive to the Mfuwe Day/boarding Primary & Secondary school Introduction to guests: Formed in 2009 by the 5...

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Protecting the wildlife – CSL

There are two organisations: DPNW - Department of National Parks and Wildlife (renamed 1 Jan 2016 ex ZAWA) currently have 100 active scouts with approximately 70 of them are used for guest walking safaris in the bush camp throughout the May - Oct peak season. CSL...

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Liberating – freedom from restraint

I have been committed to contributing to the local community and learning as much as I can while here in Zambia. When you live in a first world country in a city environment there are so many restraints and so much negative press, loud music, advertisements on the...

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